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Balikbayan Box Packaging Guidelines


  1. Shipping Box – Contact your local FOREX Cargo agent to purchase or you may also use a similar box from FEDEX. Make sure that the specs are close with FOREX boxes
  2. Scotch Shipping Strapping Tape (Extreme) (Gray Duct tape is not recommended) - can be

    purchased at Office Depot or Office Max
  3. Scissor/Cutting tool

  4. Pen and Marker

  5. Two Large Trash bag to be used as liner
  6. Freezer bags to be used for liquid items



  1. Fill-in and complete the Forex Bureau Of Customs Packing List and make three (3) photocopies of the lists. One to be placed inside the box, one for your copy and one to be given to your agent to be attached to the invoice.

  2. For protection place the large trash bag inside the box

  3. Begin packing by neatly fold items that would serve as cushion

  4. Place liquid items such as mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, etc inside the freezer bags, to protect other items

  5. DO NOT place liquid items next to hard items such as canned goods, box of bar soap or any sharp objects which could potentially punctured your liquid item during transport

  6. Secure the caps with tape before closing the grocery bag

  7. Place padded materials on the sides

  8. Listed are the following materials or goods that are NOT accepted by FOREX CARGO.

    • No Electronics - Computers or Tablets

    • No Microwave or Toaster Oven

    • Currencies

    • Precious Metal or Stone

    • Fire Arms / Ammunition / Bullets

    • Explosives / Guns

    • Money Orders

    • Traveler’s Checks

    • Prescription / Illegal Drugs

    • Perishable Items

    • Lewd, obscene, or pornographic materials

    • Industrial carbons and diamonds, Communication Equipment

    • Combustible materials

    • Motor vehicle parts

  9. Some electronics are permitted but subject to Philippine tariff tax. Contact the Aurora Office or your COFOREX agent for more details

  10. Invoice must be properly filled with address and phone number of the recipient

  11. Fill out declaration section of the invoice as accurate as possible. COFOREX and FOREX Cargo (CAL) Inc. will not be responsible for any charges or delay from Philippine customs which caused by sender misrepresentation.

  12. Cushion the top with padded materials. Place trash bag on top to protect the items inside

  13. Place a copy of the lists inside before closing the box

  14. Seal the box with a clear packing tape. Make sure all corners and joints are well taped

  15. Using the permanent marker, label at least one side of the box with printed sender and consignee information. Make sure you provide the Name, Complete address, Telephone Number, Cell Phone and eMail while filling up the invoice.

  16. We DO NOT pick-up in the basement

  17. We DO NOT accept none cargo type box such as U-Haul, HomeDepot, Lowes, and / or any moving boxes etc. Apart from our FOREX box, we ACCEPT FEDEX, and other Shippers Cargo boxes provided they are of the similar dimension as our Jumbo box 24 x 24 x 18. You just have to customized the box if the size is bigger than the dimensions noted. (These exclusion is for your best interest as moving boxes will NOT withstand the conditions of international cargo transport).

  18. Be considerate. For safe handling, do not make the box so heavy. If possible, spread out heavy items to other boxes

Note: We DO NOT accept heavy box - considered back breaker. Accepted weight is between 125 - 135 lbs. To test, roll your box towards you until you perform the whole round (360). If you are able to manage to roll your box as described we might* be able to accept.

        * subject to inspection / verification upon pickup

Be mindful of the weight of your box and for the individuals delivering your boxes. Regardless if you give them tip or gratuity, if they got injured while transporting or delivering your box their family will be affected.

    You (Sender) is responsible for securing the items inside your box. Ensuring ANY liquids are properly sealed as described above. We are not liable for any damaged cause of ANY LEAKAGE as we did not pack your box

    You (Sender) is responsible for securing your box - properly taped 

Video to properly pack a FOREX Cargo Balikbayan box

If you have any additional questions or need help redeeming your Gift Certificate, please call (303) 317 – 3989 or email us at

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