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Colorado Forwarders Express, LLC is an authorized agent of Forex Cargo (Cal), Inc. representing greater Colorado region and neighboring states.


We are proud supporter of Colorado Filipino-American Community.


FOREX Cargo (CAL), Inc. A pioneer in door-to-door delivery of remittance and balikbayan boxes. FOREX has become a household name in every Filipino home in the U.S.


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We have agents servicing major cities of Colorado and neighboring states. For inquiries or to schedule a pick-up. Feel free to give us a call.


 (303) 317 - 3989

We ACCEPT other shippers boxes with similar dimensions and of the same cargo box quality. 

For your goods protection, we NO longer accept moving boxes from U-Haul, HomeDepot, Lowes or similar type boxes as they are not meant for international cargo transport.


We are CLOSED for the following holidays:


Area Locations

We have agents servicing major cities of Colorado and neighboring states. If you would like to inquire and or to schedule a pick-up. Feel free to give us a call.

(303) 317 - 3989

Lotus Asian Market is now selling our FOREX Cargo Box

Lotus Asian Market 

844 S Buckley Rd

Aurora, CO 80017

(303) 752-3253

Packaging Guidelines


Shipping Box – Contact your local FOREX Cargo agent to purchase or you may also use a



(These exclusion is for your best interest as moving boxes will NOT withstand the conditions of international cargo transport). 

Note: We DO NOT accept heavy box - considered back breaker. Accepted weight is between 125 - 135 lbs. To test, roll your box towards you until you perform the whole round (360). If you are able to manage to roll your box as described we might* be able to accept.

        * subject to inspection / verification upon pickup

Be mindful of the weight of your box and for the individuals delivering your boxes. Regardless if you give them tip or gratuity, if they got injured while transporting or delivering your box their family will be affected.

You (Sender) is responsible for securing the items inside your box. Ensuring ANY liquids are properly sealed as described above. We are not liable for any damaged cause of ANY LEAKAGE as we did not pack your box

You (Sender) is responsible for securing your box - properly taped 

Video to properly pack a FOREX Cargo Balikbayan box

If you have any additional questions or need help redeeming your Gift Certificate, please call (303) 317 – 3989 or email us at


FOREX Cargo (CAL) Inc provides $200 insurance claims to each cargo shipment.


In case there is a problem with your cargo shipment, please follow the steps below so we can process your case promptly:

Colorado Forwarders Express, LLC, an authorized cargo representative of FOREX Cargo Inc. servicing Colorado region and neighboring states. We specialized in door to door cargo service from US to the Philippines.

We shipped our cargo to Los Angeles, CA every two (2) weeks on a non-peak season and weekly on peak season. We advise that all your cargo boxes must be with us before Saturday of the shipment week.

Denver to Los Angeles, CA takes between 2 - 3 business days. Delivery of your cargo from Los Angeles, CA to the Philippines (destination) varies depending on regional destinations.

The below schedule is an estimate delivery date:

Please note that the shipment process used is via sea cargo.

As we strive to provide you timely and speedy delivery of your cargo shipments we cannot assure you of of any delay caused by natural causes or custom related matters.

When you subscribed or shipped cargo with COFOREX, your information such as address, phone number, e-mail, and credit card are used to process your order.

When you register or purchase an order, the personal information we collect is use to keep you inform of our new products and promotional discounts.

Information collected about you is not sold or rented to any other companies. 

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For inquiries or to schedule a pick-up call (303) 317 - 3989